Otherwise known as “red gold”, saffron is the world’s most expensive spice. But, as an object of desire it can also be a victim of fraud. Low quality saffron is often traded on international markets, and the specifications for pure saffron are not always respected. Safrante Specialty Foods S.A. offers to our customers the highest guarantee of quality basing on 4 main points:

  • Our saffron is ruled under the International Standard ISO 3632-1:2011.
  • We are HACCP certified.
  • All our batches are analyzed in external laboratories accredited by ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación), the body designated by the Government to assess technical competence in accordance with international standards.

Geseme has created the distinctive stamp of “Responsible Environment to COVID-19” with the aim of endorsing those workplaces committed for creating safe working environments. With this label, the company is credited with having been informed through an Action Protocol that includes hygienic measures, organizational techniques, cleaning and disinfection and interpersonal distance. The company also undertakes to apply these measures to ensure the safety of its workers and customers.