Our Saffron Tea is a careful blend of teas from the south of India with the most exquisite and exclusive Superior Spanish Saffron.

Mixing saffron with tea actually preceded its use as a cooking ingredient, since the roman naturalist Pliny the Elder indicated 20 curative uses for saffron tea. The result is a strong aromatic tea due to the Safranal, one of the main components of saffron.

Saffron helps digestion, it is antioxidant, carminative and emmenagogue. The bitter components of saffron help in the treatment of heartburn or stomach acidity due to their tonic properties. Furthermore, Crocin, another of saffron main components has a cholesterol lowering effect. In gynecology the use of saffron is recommended in cases of painful or limited period as a uterine stimulant, but it must be used with caution. Saffron also stimulates perspiration and it is used in cases of fever.