9 August, 2012 Jose Manuel Padial

Safrante, pioneer in Canada

SAFRANTE SAFFRON has been the first Andalusian company to have an individual commercial agenda in Canada in collaboration with Extenda’s New York office. After five days of meetings in the Canadian regions of Ontario and Quebec the Andalusian saffron is conquering the Canadian ethnic and gourmet kitchens.

SAFRANTE SAFFRON is an Andalusian company made up of a highly qualified professional team, with a very long experience and constant updating of the productive means, always offering their customers the highest guarantee of quality.
They are manufacturers and wholesalers of saffron threads or filaments, ground saffron and Safrante: their flagship extract and colorant under the International Patent PCT. Their saffron is ruled under the International Standard ISO 3632, and of course, they are also HACCP certified.

SAFRANTE means quality, innovation, dedication, exclusivity… and many other features that can only describe the hard work of a family with the only idea and desire was to reinvent a stuck world but always faithful to its principles.

Saffron, a tradition that is re-emerging. One of the most expensive products in the world, it is making a comeback in modern cuisine. Pepper, cloves, cayenne… names that invoke flavours and smells that stimulate the senses, that form a part of our most traditional cuisine and play an essential role in the healthy Mediterranean diet.

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